We are located in Madison, Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains near the Shenandoah National Park roughly 70 miles south of Washington DC.  I have been involved with Australian Shepherds for more 40 years.  During that time I have bred and raised many champions, performance and herding titled dogs in AKC and ASCA.  More importantly we are so proud of the dogs that we bred that joined families as pets providing years of companionship, devotion and unconditional love to their families.  We call these dogs "Champions of the Hearts" and consider this as their most important job and everything else is just icing on the cake.  

Recently, we added the Miniature American Shepherd (MAS) to our family and I have been thrilled with ours.  Prior to full AKC recognition the breed was known as Miniature Australian Shepherd and were renamed the Miniature American Shepherd after full AKC recognition in July of 2015 where they joined the herding group.  The Mini American Shepherd is a separate breed and is not to be confused as a size variety of the Australian Shepherd. They were developed from the Australian Shepherd by a small group of dedicated breeders on the west coast in the 1960's.  These breeders bred small dogs that were believed to be mostly small aussies.  Their goal was to retain all the qualities of the much loved larger Australian Shepherd but in a smaller size range.   Remaining true to their heritage I find they do share many of the same qualities, characteristics and good looks of the Australian Shepherd. 


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